Share your documents online. Capture data. Track the usage of your documents

  • Our DMS system is designed to share documents with your customers.
  • Create a unique repository for your contracts and legal documents. Track the usage of your documents in your organization.
  • Create Digital Services form your Documents.
  • Also Docxpresso creates interactive documents from your word documents. Capture data with your Word Documents.
  • Contact us today and try our SaaS Document Management today. You can buy a license for On Premise or SaaS.

Use your documents in your cell phone

  • Every document you upload to Docxpresso becomes responsive.
  • The best DMS for lawyers, e-goverment, and accounts who want to start working with their clients, citizens, customers online.
  • Try our SaaS Platform for free.
  • How Docxpresso Works? Contract Management from Word Documents.
  • Our standard licence is 2,000€ per installation. Unlimited users and documents
  • We offer a PaaS, OnPremise or SaaS solutions.

Open Source DMS PHP

Our system is one of the few trully Open Source Document Management. Also our interface is beautiful and 100% responsive. 

This is the welcome screen of our system. You have a menu fully customizable, an activity graph and latest news. The news systems is great to keep the team updated.

Users configuration is easy to use and creates a beautiful profile.

Search documents inside your system.

Creating a new document in the system is easy and fully configurable. 

Our open system allows services to connect to your data.