Probably the first question to answer is "why you need to use PHP to create ODT documents?". We have several answers to this question:

Download this ODT document generated with PHP

  • Save time. You don´t need to spend hours updating documents that are hard to use, and hard to update specially if you have tables, charts or any other component that requires some special format.
  • Save time (again). Be sure and confident about the latest data you are using in your documents connecting your documents to your databases. We know this connections are hard to do, but once is done, you are set for a very long time. Data about sales, latests case studies, executive profiles, etc...
  • Beautiful design. If you think doing beautiful design with Office is not possible, think again. With Docxpresso you can set the design using PHP, HTML and CSS so the design will be consistent and solid across all your documents. You don´t need to wonder where are the corporate colours or which value of RGB you are using across your templates. Use precise and exact values with CSS and then insert those values into your documents.

There are more reasons to use PHP to create documents but probably if you are here, you may want to know how hard is that.
With our API creating a document with PHP it´s quite simple.