When it comes to modify the contents of an existing Office document Docxpresso has no rival in terms of speed and flexibility. For example, you may readily replace single strings of text by just plain text, richly formatted text or even complex HTML with images, lists, tables, charts, etc.

But there is really no limitations to what you can achieve:

  • Replace plain text or "variables".
  • Replace images with or without resizing.
  • Populate and replicate table rows with complex formatting, i.e. blocks of rows and cells that may include merged columns and rows with sophisticated styling (borders, background colors, paddings, ...).
  • Replace data in charts with predefined styles.
  • Clone arbitrary blocks of contents and replace specific content within each of those.
  • Remove blocks of content.
  • Include completely new blocks of contents in arbitrary positions.
  • Merge different Office documents.

All of this greatly simplifies the generation of new documents out of pre-existing ones that have already been carefully crafted regarding style and branding.

Docxpresso streamlines the whole process of generating beautiful documents and useful reports integrating from the very beginning, in the form of a standard Office document, all the required structure and formatting enables you to concentrate in what really matters: your business.