It is possible to associate one or more file attachments with a Docxpresso template.

This may show useful in many use scenarios like, for example, in any legal document that requires auxiliary documentation provided by the end user.

To associate one or multiple attachments to a document is a very simple process. By clicking on the "Attachments" menu entry of the top "gear" button a pop up window will show up from which you may manage the associated attachment.

By clicking in the “New attachment” button you will need to fill the following fields:

  • Name: the name that will be shown to the end user to prompt his uploading action.
  • Tip: a short explanation on the attachments use, format or whatever info you may consider useful.
  • Max. size: limitation on the attachment size in KB or MB.
  • Formats: admissible attachment formats.
  • Toggling: you may choose to activate or not the need to attach an additional file on the value of a particular variable:
    • Variable: the name of the variable upon which the attachment will be requested or not.
    • Value: a set of values separated by semicolons (;) that will trigger the requirement of the associated attachment.

Whenever you are done hit the "Add+" button.

You may associate as many attachments as you wish and can later edit, delete or reorder them at will.

In order to see how the end users will upload the required attachments, please, refer to end user attachment interface.