Creating resources

There are three different type of auxiliary resources that may be created from the Docxpresso backoffice: lists, RPCs and validations.

The goal of these resources is to provide Docxpresso editors with additional useful tools to process the templates.


This are key value pairs that will allow to populate dropdowns that because of their extension or simply because they are going to be profusely used can be better handled as predefined lists.

Simple examples includes the list of all world countries, months of the years, U.S.A. states, etcetera.

Please, refer to create predefined lists within Docxpresso.


These are calls to predefined Remote Procedure Calls that may be used to provide external data to different templates.

The RPC Docxpresso interface is not meant to create those RPCs but rather to hold a reference to them so they can be called from a template on loading.


Although Docxpresso comes equipped with a set of standard validations it is practically impossible to foresee all possible validation types that may depend on local factors or specific types od data.

One may create his own custom validations trough the create validation interface that are then incorporated to the available list of variable validations for any template variable.

You may need to have some working knowledge of regular expressions in order to build but the simplest of date validations.