Web form general settings

You may define some global settings for the web form uder the "Custom Settings" menu that will show up after clicking on the gear button located in the top menu.

In the resulting pop-up you may configure the following options:

  • Theme: Docxpresso comes bundled with a default web form theme called “Default” but you may create your own ones (see creating your own web form templates) that may be selected from the provided dropdown.
  • Form Header: you may also create your custom form headers that will be include at the top of your web forms. If you want to learn how to create your own custom form headers please refer to: creating custom form headers.
  • Progress Bar: by checking this checkbox the final end user interface will show a progress bar indicating the end user how much is left to complete the task.
  • Tabs: if checked the end user interface will be organized by tabs (see web form tabs for more details on this).