Images & Signature Pads

You may choose an image to be edited online by just introducing a variable name enclosed by double curly bracket as the title of its associated "alternative text". After doing so the Docxpresso processing interface will offer you the possibility to configure its setting so a final user can modify it by any other image or introduce his/her signature via the integrated Docxpresso Signature pad (see legally bing signature for eIDAS and eSIGN compliant signatures).

Whenever you click an "active" image in the processing interface a pop-up will show up with the following configuration options:

  • Label: the associated image label.
  • Tip: the hint that will appear while hovering the image with the mouse.
  • Source: the available options are:
    • "Picture": the end user will be prompted to choose a replacing image from the file browser.
    • "Signature pad": the end user will be offered a signature pad where to introduce the signature and/or a button to load a previously digitalized signature from the file browser.
  • Format: the available options are:
    • "Preserve size": the original dimensions (width and height) of the placeholder image will be preserved (this may distort the loaded image).
    • "Preserve width": only the original width of the placeholder image will be preserved, while the height will be proportionally scaled.
    • "Preserve height": only the original height of the placeholder image will be preserved, while the width will be proportionally scaled.
    • "Redimension": the loaded image width and size will be used (that may alter the document layout).
  • Comments: any additional info or hint that we would like to provide to the end user.