Internal messaging

The Docxpresso backoffice counts with an internal mesasging service designed to ease the communication among editors.

Messages can be sent in two different ways:

  • When editing a template one may choose to communicate other editors about the changes carried out in the processing interface.
  • Directly creating a message trhough the Messages > Compose side menu entry.

Composing a message

The interface for composing a message resembles an standard email client with the additional peculiarity that messages can not be sent to individuals (you may access individual emails from the Users entrythat can be found in the side menu) but only to groups, so in order to send a message one should belong to at least one group of backoffice users.

After choosing one or more available groups one only has to write down a subject and the body of the message in the provided WYSIWYG editor. By clicking the Send button the written message will be accesible to all group members via its message inbox (messages are not sent to the users emails, i.e. they can only be visualize in the backoffice).

Browsing your message inbox

You can access your inbox from both the top menu: the counter over the bell icon will indicate you if there are unread messages in your inbox, or from the Messages > inbox side menu entry.

The inbox offers you a typical email client interface from which you may:

  • Browse all received messages
  • Perform a simple search
  • Remove or mark messages as read
  • Browse your sent email as well as the trash where removed messages are kept
  • Compose a new message

By clicking on the subject of any message you may accede to its contents.