Legally binding signatures

Although Docxpresso incorporates a signature pad you may eventually need a more formal signature procedure that is compatible with the eIDAS directive (European Union) or the eSIGN Act (United States of America).

In order to provide such legally binding signature procedures Docxpresso incorporates a “DocuSign module” that allows to complete the signature process using the DocuSign cloud infrastructure.

How to prepare a template for a legally binding signature

You need to proceed as follows:

  • You should first introduce a placeholder image wherever you wish to include the legally binding signature.
  • Include an alternative text title surrounde by “double #”, i.e. you may use something like ##signature##
  • Include any additional variables in your template, save and upload it to Docxpresso as usual.

Docxpresso Set up

By clicking on the “gear” button located in the top left corner of the template processing interface a dropdown menu will open offering the “Legally binding signatures” option. By clicking on it a pop up will open in which you can specify the following options:

  • Subject: the subject of the email that the final user will receive from DocuSign to proceed to the signature.
  • Salutation: a short message with instruction fro the final user. You may introduce document variables by the insert variable dropdown or directly in the body of the message using double square brackets. The values of this variables will be filled from the corresponding values in the document to be signed.

End user interface

Whenever the end user hits the save button a popup will show up where:

  • The end user may choose any of the emails included in the document as the email that will received the notification from DocuSign.
  • If :
    • there are no emails in the document,
    • there is only one email or
    • the end user chooses “other email” from the dropdown menu.

A free input field will be offer so the end user can include other email or accept the one offered (if any) by the interface.