Creating lists

When creating a new predefined list you should first include some data that will help to identify that particular list, namely:

  • Title: a name that will uniquely identified the current list.
  • Active: if checked (default value) the list will be available when editing variables in the main template processing interface.
  • Description: a brief description of the list that may help editors to identify the interest or potential use of the current list.

Data: key-value pairs

This is where you can actually edit the key and value pairs of a list. Notice that the value pair is optional and if not provided will be assumed by the Docxpresso interface to equal the key value.

You just may replicate and reorder as needed but you have some useful tool under the "wrench" button located in the top right corner of the tool box:

  • Sort data alphabetically: will reorder all key value pairs alphabetically.
  • Remove data: eliminates all current data entries.
  • Import TSV data: imports data in "Tab Separated Value" format.
  • Import JSON data: imports data in JSON format.

The last two tools may show very convenient whenever creating very long lists that may be otherwise inconvenient to create directly in the browser interface.

Cloning Lists

While browsing a lists it is possible to clone them with just one click on the “Clone list” button. By doing so all key-value pairs will be copied to the new list.

This tool may show particularly useful whenever we have to create similar lists that only differ a few key-value pairs.