The Docxpresso backoffice interface offers you a basic news interface by which you may communicate information to your colleagues that may be of general interest.

Docxpresso offers a message interface for more specific notifications so the new interface should only be used to communicate general purpose notifications that may be of interest for the totality of users of your Docxpresso installation.

Besides the recent new panel offered in the home page one may browse and search for specific new via the News > Browse new main menu entry.

Creating a news entry

Docxpresso "editors" (plain users can not create news) may create a new entry by clicking on News > Create news link in the main menu.

The "Create News entry" interface will require the following info:

  • Title: the title that will help to identify the news.
  • Publish: if checked (default value) the news will be shown to all Docxpresso backoffice users, otherwise they will be hidden.
  • News body: the content we wish to communicate.

Editing existing news

If you are an administrator you would be able to edit all existing news, otherwise you will be only able to edit the news created by yourself.

Just click on the edit button (or delete if you want to fully remove it) when available in the required news that may be reached from the News > Browse news interface and you will be able to perform the required changes to the title and body of the corresponding news.

"Unpublished" news will be shown to editors with a "lock". If you wish you may publish them by checking the publish checbox available in the edition interface.