Although there is more than a single way to send notifications to endusers and editors from the Docxpresso backoffice (see, for example, setting simple workflows within Docxpresso) probably the simplest one is offered from the template processing interface.

By clicking on the top gear button a dropdown menu will show up with the option to edit user notifications. Whenever that option is clicked a pop up will show up with the following options:

  • Notify: by checking this checkbox one may choose the variables with validation type email that will receive a notification from Docxpresso at the given values for each template usage.
  • Type: the available options are:
    • "Send link": a message will be sent with a (one time) link to download the generated document.
    • "Send attachment": the generated document will be included in the message as an attachment.
  • Subject: the subject of the email that will be sent.
  • Message: the body of the message that may include the values of the variable choosen via the “Insert variable” dropdown menu.

You may also choose to notify editors or other third parties (beware that links to the backoffice will be broken so in that case you should choose the send attachment option in what follows) by checking the Notify Editors checkbox. In this case you should insert the list of emails that will receive the message separated by ";". Once again you will be offer the option of sending a link (in this case to the backoffice) or including the attachment in the message.

IMPORTANT: we recommend to use all these options with care to avoid being taken by potential spammers whenever non-solicited mail may be sent to third parties.