In today’s competitive world, it’s very important for any company to be aware of how your customers perceive your product or services.

The best way to get that information is simply to ask your customers to evaluate the quality of your product or service, the attention received from your employees or, simply their degree of satisfaction.

The best way to ask your customers is using evaluation forms. The easiest way to create an evaluation form is using Word. The problem is that the use of Word involves a lot of work both for the company and your customer. For your customer, it involves, filling the form, saving it and sending it again which may discourage your customers to fill it. For your company, it means having to coordinate all the answers and organize the results.

However, there is a simpler way to create, manage and share evaluation forms: DOCXPRESSO

Docxpresso transform your evaluation forms in Word format into on-line evaluation forms without any effort.

Create your form with a word document

  • You can use a template or create a new form
  • Then, you just have to upload it on your DOCXPRESSO account
  • You can customize your form to include multiple choice answers, lists, etc… Of course DOCXPRESSO allows you to personalize the format as well.
  • Once you have your form ready, you get a link
  • Just send the link by e-mail to your customers

If the process of sending the form is easy, receiving the answers is even easier. When somebody fills the form you will get the answer automatically in your account. Then you can:

  • Download the completed form in your preferred format. This would be suitable if you want to see the opinions of a specific customer.
  • To get the answers of all respondents in excel and html formats. This is very handy when you want to do quantitative surveying

Of course you can apply this, not only to customer evaluation but also to staff evaluation processes or market research surveys among others. DOCXPRESSO is a highly flexible tool that can be adapted to your documentation needs.

If your company is involved in any of these processes, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy not only to do a demo but also to advice you the best way to take advantage of DOCXPRESSO.