Docxpresso has a vision for paperless paperwork, the main target sectors being education, legal and egovernment. Companies spend an excessive amount of their capital on producing paperwork, misfiled paperwork, and refiling paperwork. Reducing paperwork is one of our main focus of interest as it is an act of preserving the environment.

This software service allows paperwork to be filled out online with all past history notes saved and many users working on the same document simultaneously.

This enables teamworkers' notes to be visible immediately, increasing the workflow productivity through constant communication and less risk of miscommunication.

Furthermore, Docxpresso aims to increase the pace of efficiency and productivity for workers involved in a project, creating a better economy and potential welfare of workers.

The difference between Docxpresso competitors such as Google Docs is the degree of privacy to users. Many users of software services do not have the freedom of being in control of their own work, simply due to the fact that the service does not allow complete confidentiality. Docxpresso's innovative detail is the factor of guaranteed security and from there, building users' trust.