When paperwork is eliminated and replaced by paperless online work, a plethora of benefits to the economy and society occurs.

As paperless online work is more frequently tried, productivity should increase for workforces. This is because time consumption with paperwork is decreased as the project becomes instantly accessible to all workers involved and hence, economic productivity is likely to be increased. Consequently, a positive environmental impact is created, as the environment is sustained through less paper.

A possible outcome of this would be regulations on paper decreasing through the use of Docxpresso, a major step into preserving our environment.

Work may become less stressful for those who are concerned with costs and with our project, businesses and organisations will significantly minimise their spendings, allowing capital to be invested elsewhere. This in turn may result in a series of positive social impacts such as spendings used for the quality of workplace environment and education for workers.

Paperless society = Green society

We need to achieve a 0% paper society. Just for the environmental factor it is a goal which we need to conquer fast.

  • Every day, 50% of all paper printed at offices goes to the trash in the same day.

Every form printed generates £10 on extra costs. From printing and shipping to management, reviewing, storage and compliance. With a paperless approach and a secure infrastructure, the cost is reduced x3.