1. Create a platform for secure online document sharing

Docxpresso responds to the need for secure and confidential document holders by providing our services strictly private to users.

2. Secure, accesible online esignature - EIDAS

Additionally, the need for esignatures is an opportunity identified and one of the main benefits of Docxpresso. Most frequently, signatures are difficult to receive with conveniently with many having to meet face to face. This is time consuming and can cause inconvenience for many organisations.

3. Easy to use, mobile and open platform

The nature of the outputs we expect from the project will consist of a demonstrator for users to become familiar in using the service. This will be implemented through videos explaining unique features that we include. Reports will be posted in order for users to read when they are unsure of the service layout. These will help us to target the need and opportunity for efficiency and convenience of customers.