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Convert ODT files to PDF files from your server

Sometimes you need to convert ODT files to PDF files in order to share them with the your clients or partners. Just because the files are ODT does not mean that your file will be open as you have design it. Fonts can cause incompatibility problems, integrated data can also generate problems.

You can use our Free API to convert files from ODT to PDF, or DOC to PDF. Our API can generate any format you may need.

This is the line of code where you set up the format:

$format = '.doc';//.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf

Why you need to use ODT

You use ODT files while you use any Office suite. ODT is the standard format for Office Documents. Here you can read all about the extensions we can use while using ODF files. ODF files are the common extensions for all Office Documents.

Convert ODT to PDF with Open Office

Converting ODT to PDF can be simple if you are using Open Office. Open Office allows you to open a ODT file and save it as PDF.

  1. Open your ODT file.
  2. Go to the "File" menu
  3. Select "Export as PDF..."
  4. Select the options you may want for your PDF. By default you will have a decent PDF file.

How to convert ODT to PDF?

If you need to share a CV, a report or any other document, we offer a free service where you can transform your document from DOCX or ODT to PDF and track when the document is being downloaded. 

To convert your document to PDF, just visit this page and upload your file. You will get a link to the file as a PDF.

To track your document as a PDF, do the same, but add your email and we will send you a link that will allow you to track your files.