Docxpresso is an innovative tool that helps businesses to convert their Office documents into web apps.

Docxpresso can help any business to make a smooth transition from traditional paperwork to the digital world. Our motto? #NoMorePaperwork.

Docxpresso was founded in 2014 by Eduardo Ramos, CEO of the company. A year later, Cesar Martin, CMO, joined the company to contribute with his know-how and expertise in the fields of Digital Marketing and Business Development. Since then, we have never stopped growing. Our clients include, for instance, important law firms and local government institutions. In 2015, we were chosen to be a part of the Telefonica Open Future Project as well as the Microsoft Accelerator Program which offered as office space in the City of London with the goal to find investors that will help our business grow.

We have already completed the seed and A series investment rounds and we are in our way to establish ourselves as a leading company in the document generation and automation industries.

Join us and help your company grow and stay competitive!

Spain. Headquarter


Offices: C/ Arturo Baldasano 16, #5.

Madrid 28043, Spain.

Chile. Despapelizate

+56 (2) 28464846

Offices: Av. la dehesa 1201, of. 717, Lo Barnechea​

Santiago, Chile.

USA. 3818devarg

1511 E. State Road 434,

Suite 2001

Winter Springs 327008, Florida.