Docxpresso offers you the possibility to check beforehand the rendering of your templates in all the available formats:

  • HTML5,
  • PDF,
  • Word
  • and RTF.

In order to do so you just need to save your document in Open Document Format (.odt) click on the Documents > Previsualization link of your backoffice interface and drag your file into the browser.

Comment: the .odt format is the native format for text documents in Open and Libre Office and it is also a standard saving format in all recent Microsoft Word versions (available since Word 2007 SP2).

The document will be automatically rendered in your browser. Beware that although the rendering is often pixel perfect sometimes you may need to tweak a little bit the original document for perfect rendering (that basically reduces to avoid absolutely positioned images and textboxes that may not be correctly positiones in HTML).

In order to check the rendering of the document in all other available document formats you should clic on the "Preview Doc." button at the top of the web interface and choose the required format from the popup.

If you are not using a pre-existing document as a template we strongly recommend you that you check the previsualization at various stages while creating the document to make sure that everythig renders as expected.