The Docxpresso API Core is a software library aimed to developers that streamlines the process of generating dynamical documents in any format (PDF, Word, ODF or RTF) from any data source and/or HTML5 + CSS code.

The Docxpresso API Core, although distributed independently as a stand alone app, is integrated in all other Docxpresso products where it is in charge of document template parsing as well as the generation of the the final documents.

Although Docxpresso API Core is profusely documented and very easy to use you may wish to receive some external help to make sure that your system is optimally configured or to develop some specific feature. In this case you just have to contact us and we will offer professional support at very competitive rates.

Due the the "open" nature of Docxpresso you may seek external support with any other company expert in web development and IT software.

Installation support is not, in principle, offered for free but you may contact us and we will try to help you up to the point that it will require direct intervention in your servers. Of course, we otherwise offer dedicated installation support at very reasonable fees.

Docxpresso API Core is open but not free, i.e. all the codes are open, not obfuscated and profusely documented but one should acquire a license for commercial use.

If you wish to integrate Docxpresso API Core within a software package that you sell (or distribute for free) you should contact us specifying the use and scope of your tool and are guaranteed to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement.

A SaaS license allows you to install Docxpresso API Core in a single server and integrate it with a SaaS as long as the purpose of the SaaS is not exclusively to "outsource" Docxpresso API Core via to third parties via an API, i.e. to resell Docxpresso API Core functionality in the cloud.

Paying a one-time fee you may install a copy of Docxpresso API Core in a single server. You may generate an unlimited number of documents but you can not integrate Docxpresso API Core within a SaaS or another software package that is resold to third parties.

Although you may run Docxpresso API Core in basically any server, if performance is an important factor we would recommend you a minimum of 2GB of RAM and any reasonably modern CPU.

Docxpresso API Core is developed over in PHP 5 but because of the use of namespaces you need PHP version 5.3 or higher installed in your web server.

For document conversion among different formats Docxpresso API Core requires the installation of LibreOffice or OpenOffice (versions 4 or higher strongly recommended). If you opt not to do so you will only able to generate documents in PDF or RTF formats.

Docxpresso API Core is free for personal use, testing and development purposes and for charitable organizations but you should by a PRO license for commercial use, a SaaS license if you plan to integrate Docxpresso API Core within a SaaS or an OEM license if you plan to integrate Docxpresso API Core within one of your products.