The Docxpresso SERVER Edition is a software package aimed to corporations, SMEs and Public Agencies that wish to offer digital services to their customers and constituencies without the need of expensive and complex IT developments.

Docxpresso SERVER Edition turns your afvourite Office Suite (Microsoft, Open Office or Libre Office) into a powerful toll capable to generate sophisticated web and mobile applications.

Yes, of course. Although you will most probably not need any external help to install or run Docxpresso SERVER Edition on your premises if you prefer not to bother at all we may proceed to the installation on your behalf at a very convenient price. Beware that because of the "open" nature of Docxpresso you may also seek third party support as you are not locked in with us.

Standard license does not allow you to offer Docxpresso functionality as a SaaS. Nevertheless we may arrive to an independent agreement that may be profitable for both parties. This limitation does not exclude, in principal, to integrate Docxpresso into an existing SaaS as long as it only provides an auxiliary service. So, please, do not hesitate to contact us and explain your particular needs.

Although Docxpresso SERVER Edition is profusely documented and its code is open and not obfuscated it is not free. If you wish to use Docxpresso SERVER Edition you need to purchase a commercial license. Nevertheless its "open nature" allows that third parties may easily develop services based on its functionality and resources.

If you wish to integrate Docxpresso SERVER Edition within another software package, please, contact us and we will try to arrive to an agreement beneficial to both parties.

Although you may run Docxpresso SERVER Edition in basically any server if performance is an important factor we would recommend you a minimum of 2GB of RAM and any reasonably modern CPU. Also beware that if you wish to keep copies of all the generated documents you will need the required free disk space.

Docxpresso SERVER Edition requires a standard web server configuration (LAMP or Windows) that runs PHP 5.3 or higher. It also requires the installation of LibreOffice or OpenOffice (versions 4 or higher strongly recommended). All the required third party software is Free Software.

Docxpresso SERVER Edition is licensed per server so that will depend on the number of servers you expect to be needed for your particular project. Please, contact us and we will offer you the most cost efficient solution for your case.