You may check here some Frequently Asked Questions that cover the whole range of Docxpresso products. You may also visit the specific FAQs for any specific product for further info. If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our API allows to create Office documents (Word, ODT, PDF) using PHP + HTML and CSS. The combination of these techniques will give you pure control over your document layout. You can use the language you know and domain (HTML + CSS) to control the design and look and feel of your site. PHP will give the control over the data you insert in your document. With these elements you will be able to improve the productivity of your office and work.

Installation support is not, in principle, offered for free but you may contact us and we will try to help you up to the point that it will require direct intervention in your servers. Of course, we otherwise offer dedicated installation support at very reasonable fees. Installing our API requieres a person who is familiar with servers, php and configuring some characteristics of your systems. Is not complicated but you need a developer, programmer or IT professional. Once is installed you will be able to use from your Personal Computer and with your Word Documents.

Although Docxpresso is profusely documented and very easy to use you may wish to get some external help to make sure that your system is optimally configured or to develop some specific feature. In this case you just have to contact us and we will offer professional support at very competitive rates.

Beware though that because of the "open" nature of Docxpresso you may seek external support with any other company expert in web development and IT software.

Docxpresso is a DMS - Document Management System for contracts and legal documents.

Docxpresso is a tool that allows you to manage your documents and share them online in a secure and mobile environment.

Docxpresso is open but not free, i.e. all the code is open, not obfuscated and profusely documented but one should acquire a license for commercial use.

If you wish to integrate Docxpresso within a software package that you sell (or distribute for free) you should contact us specifying the use and scope of your tool and we will, for sure, arrive to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Paying a one-time fee you may install a copy of Docxpresso in a single server. You may generate an unlimited number of documents but you can not integrate Docxpresso within a SaaS or another software package that is resold to third parties.

A SaaS license allows you to install Docxpresso in a single server and integrate it with a SaaS as long as the purpose of the SaaS is not exclusively to "outsource" Docxpresso to third parties via an API, i.e. to resell Docxpresso functionality in the cloud.

Docxpresso is a software package that greatly simplifies the generation of dynamical documents in a web server. With the help of Docxpresso you will be able to generate beautiful PDF, Word, ODT (Open Document Format) and RTF business reports or generic documents in an effortless and efficient way.

Although you may run Docxpresso in basically any server, if performance is an important factor we would recommend you a minimum of 2GB of RAM and any reasonably modern CPU.

All Docxpresso is done in PHP 5 but because of the use of namespaces you need PHP 5.3 or higher installed in your web server.

For document conversion among different formats Docxpresso requires the installation of LibreOffice or OpenOffice (versions 4 or higher strongly recommended). This will require that you also have a recent version of JRE or JDK (JAVA Runtime Environment or JAVA Development Kit) installed in your server. If you opt not to do so you will only able to generate documents in Open Document and Word formats.

So far, we have an API and a Wordpress Plugin. The plugin we have develop for Wordpress allow anyone using Wordpress to publish ODT files directly into HTML. It´s not what our API does, but it´s a part. Our API allows you to create dynamic Office Documents you can connect with databases or forms or almost anything you can manage with PHP. The plugin what is doing is taking an ODT file (you can generate an ODT file from Word) and encapsulate the file in a beautiful pure HTML file.