Docxpresso is a truly horinzontal tool that may help from individuals to huge corporations to automate their process of document and report generation, notwithstanding its built-in capabilities to offer integrated enduser web interface for the compilation and filtering of data.

Regardless of the previouds considerations we would like to stress the adequacy of Docxpresso for particular tasks and enviroments so you may better understand its breadth of capabilities and how it may cover your needs and fit in your standard workflows:

  • e-Government: offer your citizens a single contact point where to fulfill all their bureaucratic procedures. Convert all stantard administrative procedures in an easy to use and completely online experience.
  • Legal firms: no more chaotic workflows an exchange of thousands of emails and phone calls to gather all your customer precious data: an Office document becomes a web app!
  • Corporations & SMEs: Let your ideas become online ideas without intermediaries or expensive IT developments: gather data, generate documents and easily integrate all of it within your current infrastructure.
  • OEM Integration: you may be a software editor that needs to integrate an API to generate documentation within an already existing software package or Web App: Docxpresso is the solution you were looking for.
  • B2B2C: if you think that your know-how is an asset that may be sold to third parties to carry out their own businesses, Docxpresso offers you an easy way to do so: outsource your documents and knowledge via a purely online process.