If you need to allow your visitors to sign with Docusign your documents online, you can use our Wordpress plugin.

Our plugin allows you to upload and share your documents online. Those documents can be sign online using Docusign online signature.

Please, download the plugin from the Wordpress Site.

How to set up your documents with Wordpress and get signatures from your clients?

  1. Create your account at SaaS.docxpresso.com.
  2. Download the Docxpresso plugin and install it at your site.
  3. Upload your documents to your Docxpresso account.
  4. Insert your documents in your Wordpress site.

When do you need to sign a document online

  • If you want to rent an apartment online.
  • If you are an association and want to create an "on boarding process" online. 
  • If you want to accept new customers from your website and you need a signed contract.
  • If you need to share legal documents online.

Reduce the amount of paper work

The idea with this new plugin, that allows you to upload and share documents online, is to help you become more productive. Everyday we deal with paperwork for small things such as approve a budget, approve a holiday for an employee, approve an order... Now imagine all these things being done online from your website. You don´t need to break the online process. You can carry your documents online from start to finish.

The goal for you is to have pure online processes from start to finish with alerts, notifications and everything accesible from your cellphone.