At the time being we provide Docxpresso package in four different flavours adapted to the needs and tastes of different target users:

Docxpresso API Core

This is our product aimed to developers and digital agencies that need to automate the process of document generation within their apps and/or carry out custom developments for third parties that rely on the dynamical generation of documents.

If you need to create dynamical documents in any format (PDF, Word, ODF or RTF) in a simple and performant way you will soon fall in love with Docxpresso!

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Docxpresso SERVER Edition

Our SERVER Edition is aimed for professionals that need to create in a fast and efficient way web interfaces to gather user information and automate the corresponding generation of documents without the need of any additional IT development or any additional programming skill.

You create a document in Office and with the help of Docxpresso you create a “micro web app” that allows you to generate documents that are editable online, as well as web forms, with their corresponding validations and standard safeguards. Moreover all data is conveniently saved in a database that is accessible 24/7 from your Docxpresso interface.

You may not know that but if you can use Microsoft Word, Open or Libre Office you are now also a web developer :-)

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Docxpresso PaaS

This is a hosted solution that will allow your company to enjoy a full custom installation of Docxpresso without ever have to worry about any technical details. We will take care of all and you will always use an up-to-date Docxpresso package version installed in the Azure Cloud service with technical support and “paying as you go”.

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Docxpresso SaaS

This is the ideal solution for individuals, SMEs, lawyers, small legal firms, free-lancers, etc. that may benefit from the Docxpresso powerful features in a straightforward way just paying for what they need and use and no hassle whatsoever.

Give it a try with no compromise and at no charge!

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