Easy to use API to generate documents from your server

Docxpresso Core API is a software library that greatly simplifies the generation of dynamical documents in a web server. With the help of Docxpresso Core API you will be able to generate PDF, Word, ODT (Open Document Format) and RTF business reports or generic documents in an effortless and efficient way.

An API specifically designed to save Developers' time

Docxpresso Core API is at the bottom of every product of our Docxpresso product range for online document creation. This software library is directed to the professional web developers that wishes to simplify all the processes related to the generation of dynamical documents on a web server out of data previously recorded in a database or the like.


Why Docxpresso Core API?

Ease of use

Docxpresso has been designed with emphasis in the simplicity of use.

Your developers will be able to grasp all of the potential of our API from the very first moment and they will be developing sophisticated documents in any format right from the start.

Docxpresso Core API comes with multiple illustrative samples that provide a simple starting point for practically any task you will be ever need to achieve.

Doxcpresso Core API can easily be integrated into your current IT infrastructure and all your documents can be directly generated from HTML5 code or by direct use of its flexible and complete API.

Docxpresso Core API will drastically reduce your costs and it will streamline your business processes simplifying the generation of data centric reports.

Grade A Support

With Docxpresso you can be certain that you will never walk alone.

Docxpresso offers you first class support directly from its developers and Open Document experts.

We know how frustrating it can be to have a special need or problem with the struggle of not knowing where to ask for help. Our compromise is to be there and offer you a solution or a workaround as soon as possible in order for you to move forward at the expected pace.

All of this together with the open character of the library and the complete online documentation guarantees that you will never be "left alone" or with an unhelpful piece of software.

Open Document Centric

Docxpresso Core API is open software in the sense that all of its code is profusely documented and not obfuscated, i.e. anyone can dive into, or even modify, its inner guts.

Moreover, Docxpresso Core API is free for testing and non-commercial use, hence it allows you to make a fully informed decisions before you purchase the product.

Docxpresso is fully based on open standards like Open Document FormatHTML5+CSS and it does not use any other proprietary software subject to third party restrictive licenses.

Because of its reliance on the Open Document Format and HTML5 standards you will just have to code once to generate documents in any output format!

Platform independence

Docxpresso Core API can be installed in any web infrastructure based on LINUX, WINDOWS, UNIX or MAC.

Although Docxpresso is fully developed in PHP its capabilities to convert HTML5 + CSS into sophisticated, data driven documents makes it a breeze to be used by teams specialized in other environments like .NET or JAVA.

Because Docxpresso generates documents in practically any available document format:

  • PDF,
  • MS Word(.doc and .docx),
  • ODT (Open and Libre Office) or
  • RTF
you will be able to serve the right document to any of your endusers avoiding lock in with any particular Office suite or document reader.

An Office template

You may use any document template created with MS Office, Libre Office or open Office as your starting point.


Grab the required data from any available data source and include all the required document components.

A dynamical document

Generate a customized dynamical document with all the required branding, structure and data.