All Docxpresso power just out of the box

Docxpresso PaaS Edition is a turn key solution that allows you to enjoy all the functionality and advantages of Docxpresso leaving zero concerns about anything but your business.

Docxpresso PaaS sets for you all the required hardware and software tools within our cloud infrastructure set up on Azure (Microsoft Cloud) with no hassle whatsoever for you and your team.

Within a few minutes, it will be possible to generate dynamical documents from a centralized and secure environment. Depending on your particular needs, the documents will scale automatically at any given moment (24/7).

A plain fee which covers your minimum requirements will need to be paid and additional charges at work peaks will only be paid whenever a new cloud server needs to be created on the fly.

With Docxpresso PaaS you can be reassured that:

  • You will be running the most up to date Docxpresso version.
  • That the system will automatically scale as you need it.
  • That you will be covered by a 99.99% uptime SLA.
  • That your environment will be properly securized and with strict Access Control rules implemented.
docxpresso server edition workflow

Why Docxpresso PaaS Edition?

Turnkey solution

With Docxpresso PaaS you will enjoy all the benefits of Docxpresso from the very first moment without ever having to worry about installation, maintenance, upgrades or security.

If your work force knows how to use any Office suite they will be able to upload their docs and start working with Docxpresso right away.

Docxpresso enjoys all standard features of the SERVER Edition, namely:

  • A simple to use and responsive interface.
  • Out of the box generation of interactive web pages and responsive web forms out of office documents.
  • Inbound and oubound data exchange.
  • Securized enviroment.
Increased Productivity

Docxpresso PaaS will greatly simplify the implementation of Docxpresso within your standard workflows.

Our PaaS solution is highly scalable so you will only have to pay for the resources that you really need.

Docxpresso PaaS leverages on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure so it enjoys unlimited scalability regarding computing power, document and database storage.

Your company will enjoy inmmediate productivity gains because Docxpresso PaaS will let you concentrate on what you do best: run your business. Your ideas will transform into digital ideas without expensive and long IT developments.


Docxpresso cloud infrastructure has been designed with the highest security standards in mind.

All data exchanged is encrypted by using the SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) standards and strict access rules protocols are implemented so you can make sure the only allowed staff, clients and end users have access to their documents and data.

Docxpresso PaaS Edition implements for its backoffice user a complete set of hierarchical roles that will also ensure that your documents are edited and managed by the staff in charge of it.

But security does not mean rigidity and Docxpresso PaaS is equipped with a series of customizables Remote Call Procedures that will allow to send back and forth information from your own web servers in a secure and efficient way.

Data driven

Docxpresso PaaS as all other products of our Docxpresso range is about data: exchange & storage.

Docxpresso PaaS offers you a cenralized repository of knowledge, that resides in your documents, and data that is exchanged with your clients, employees and end users through the interactive Docxpresso user interfaces.

You may use Docxpresso to gather data that may be easily integrated within your standard productivity tools like ERPs and CRMs, by way of example.

Docxpresso PaaS will transform your document repository into a true digital asset that intends to develop your business in the most efficient way possible.

A document

A single document may contain important know-how and may require critical business data.

A digital asset

Your document transforms into an interactive digital asset waiting to gather, analyse and redistribute useful data.

A service

Your users may easily exchange with you their data and your know-how: Knowledge as a Service.