Interactive Online Documents and Automated Web Forms

Docxpresso SERVER Edition is a web application (that may be installed on your premises) that allows a user with non-technical skills to turn any document generated with an Office Suite (MS Word, Open Office or Libre Office) into an interactive online process.

Explicitly you may, among many other possibilities:

  • Convert your Office documents into web pages.
  • Simply tag your Office documents so they become interactive in a browser:
    • Tagged contents are edited online.
    • The edited parts can be validated.
    • All data introduced by the end user is saved into a database.
    • Documents are regenerated with the end user data and any other data coming from an independent data source.
    • Automated responsive web forms are automatically generated out of the Office document providing an alternative end user interface.
  • Distribute the documents from your website or directly by email.
  • Include signatures that are turned into legally binding signatures (eIDAS complaint, if needed) with the help of our DocuSign module.
  • Associate end user documents as attached documentation to your original template.

Docxpresso SERVER Edition can be easily integrated into your workflow and can be used like an Interactive Document Server that once set up will allow any editor to create an online process without additional IT developments.

docxpresso server edition workflow

Why Docxpresso Server Edition?

User Experience

Docxpresso SERVER Edition has been designed to be used by users with no special technical skills.

If you know how to use any Office suite and you are used to navigate the Internet you already know everything you need to use Docxpresso SERVER.

Docxpresso is a document and data centric online tool that will allow you to convert your ideas into interactive processes, gather user data and generate dynamical documents with ease.

There is no longer any need to deal with complex and costly IT developments in order to communicate and interact with your clients, employees or end users.

Docxpresso SERVER is accesible anywhere and on any device: desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Increased Productivity

Docxpresso SERVER will greatly reduce your IT costs as well as deployment times.

Once set up, it is very simple for any member of your staff to generate dynamical reports in practically any document format, gather client and user data that will be seamlessly integrated into your databases or simply to generate sophisticated web pages.

Docxpresso SERVER can be easily integrated into your current IT infrastructure and/or web platforms because it works like an autonomous "Interactive Document Server".

With Docxpresso SERVER you will enjoy the advantages of a centralized document template repository with integrated access control at the fraction of the cost of other alternative solutions.


Your know-how and data are probably the most valuable assets of your organization so security and access control is probably one of your main concerns regarding the adoption of new online tools.

Docxpresso has been built from first principles with security in mind. Its compatibility with SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) standards together with its integrated remote access control protocols via HMAC (Hashed Message Access Control) secures all its inbound and outbound communications.

The backoffice of Docxpresso SERVER Edition allows for a complex granularity of permissions based on roles and groups that will ensure that all the information will be only accessible to the allowed staff.

Docxpresso comes bundled with 5 different levels of security that will cover all your security needs: from free access for fully public documents to the most strict access control rules.

Data driven

With Docxpresso SERVER Edition your documents will not only be receptacles of passive or stale information they will truly become interactive and dynamic.

With the help of a simple and pure text tagging protocol your documents will become alive and will be able to recover information from external data sources, previous user editions and internal resources as well as to store all user input into the Docxpresso databases and document repositories or/and your Corporate Data Repositories.

All data stored in the Docxpresso can also be made be remotely and securely accssible by its integrated REST Services and SDK.

Docxpresso turns into live your stale Document repository!!

One idea

You have an idea that you want to implement as an online process in a direct, fast and easy way.

One document

If your idea can take the shape of a document: open your favourite Office suite and write it down.

One process

With the help of Docxpresso your idea has become an interactive web page browsable in any device.