The main goal of this section is to provide Docxpresso “power users” and developers with all the required knowledge to take full advantage of the wide functionality of our Docxpresso package in their different avatars.

API Core

This section is aimed to developers that want to use directly the document generation engine behind all of our Docxpresso products.

Docxpresso API Core allows any developer to build beautiful and sophisticated documents and reports in a matter of minutes by using Office templates and HTML5+CSS code or directly Docxpresso core methods (if extra performance is a must).

This section is divided in:

  • Quick User Guide: where you will access basic installation procedures and a blitz course on how to produce your very first documents.
  • Tutorial: a very detailed step by step explanation of all the functionality and power of our Core API where you will learn, among many other things, how to:
    • Create and insert basic document elements like, paragraphs with rich text formatting, images, links, etcetera.
    • Work with templates.
    • Create beautiful 2&3D charts.
    • Create custom layouts, add headers and footers and create sections.
    • Tables of Contents (TOCs), footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, cross-references and mauch more.
    All of it with multiple working examples illustrating every single functionality.
  • DEMOS: this is an ever growing section where we will keep adding online examples so you can truly grasp the power and flexibility of our API Core package.
  • Full API Documentation: only for the “hardcore” developer.

SERVER Edition

This section is mainly aimed towards backoffice users of our Docxpresso SERVER Edition although there are a few advanced topics that will be more suitable for CIO/CTOs wishing to integrate Docxpresso SERVER Edition within their companies’ IT infrastructure.

We have tried to use a clear, direct and non-techy style suitable for the target audience in this case: users familiar with standard Office Suites that have a working knowledge of online app interfaces avoiding technical details but for a few advanced topics.

This section is divided in:

    User Guide: where you will learn how to use the SERVER edition backoffice interface and how to:
    • Upload and process Office document.
    • Automate document generation.
    • Interact with your clients, employees and general endusers through the Docxpresso document sharing tools.
    • Browse data and retrieve final documents generated from templates and user data.
  • Video Tutorials: a compilation of easy to follow vide tutorials (screencasts) that will guide you through all Docxpresso SERVER functionality starting from the simpler things (that will cover more than 90% of the real use case scenarios) and moving upwards to the nitty gritty details of the more sophisticated and arcane functionalities.
  • REST APIs: This section is aimed for CTOs interested in knowing details about how Docxpresso may exchange back and forth data with other databases and general data sources so:
    • All gathered info may be used for further purposes.
    • Documents generated with Docxpresso may be fed by pre-existing data sources.


The Support section is conceived both to offer you some real case scenarios of use that may help you to better understand the potential uses of the Docxpresso package as well as offer you the means to contact us regarding technical or end user support for our product range.

This section contains:

  • Case studies: with details about actual use cases and testimonials from our clients and users.
  • Custom Support: with information about our support offer and how to request it. Our compromise is that with Docxpresso "you’ll never walk alone".
  • Blog: this is just a compilation of “quick tips” and/or commented links to samples and external webs that may show of help to you.

Docxpresso plugins

One of the core functionalities of the Docxpresso family range is the back and forth conversion from Office documents into HTML5 + CSS. Taking advantage of this we have created a useful WordPress plugin to simplify the live of “amateur web editors” that feel more comfortable working with an Office Suite like Microsoft’s, Open or Libre Office that with online editors: they may create their documents within their desktop applications and upload them to Wordpress creating beautiful and sophisticated web pages.

We also introduce you to our DocuSign integrated plugin that allows to sync Docxpresso with your DocuSign account so you can forward directly for signature documents generated with Docxpresso without complicated additional workflows.