Legally binding signatures plugin

Although the Docxpresso signature pad can be the adequate means for many purposes like agreements between individuals or companies, in some special cases we need “proof of signature” that may be eventually presented in a court proceeding.

Documents, DocuSign and API

In order to offer that possibility to our Docxpresso users we have integrated the document signature functionalities provided by DocuSign that are legally binding under the USA eSIGN Act (Electronic Signature in National and Global Commerce Act) and the EU eIDAS regulation (910/2014) on electronic identification and electronic trust services as well as other local regulations.

The integration of DocuSign and Docxpresso at the end user level can not be simpler. Just by tagging any placeholder image with ##signature## Docxpresso is instructed to automatically forward behind the curtains the completed document to DocuSign so the final signature is carried out following the electronic signature regulations implemented by DocuSign.

Docusign is simple to use and also an industry estándar so your final users should not experience any additional difficulty in providing a legally binding signature that eventually may be enforced in a legal proceeding.

Use our API or use our SaaS edition

Although this additional procedure involves some additional costs associated with the DocuSign service thay just represent a tiny fraction of the costs associated with any “physical signature procedure”, notwithstanding its speed and convenience.

We are also planning to integrate different e-signature services so if you are particularly interested in a particular solution we will investigate the possibilities of integrating it with Docxpresso so we can serve better your needs.

If you have any question regarding the integration of DocuSign with Docxpresso, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more tha happy to help you.