New Wordpress Plugin. Publish contracts and documents ready to use and sign.

Create forms, contracts and any other document online from Word to Wordpress. Make interactive documents uploading a word file to your Wordpress site. Upload, share and track your documents. Allow visitors to sign your documents online. Rental agreements, service providers, and any other document you may need from your users can become an online document you can track and manage. Say goodbye to paperwork. Say hello to Docxpresso.

"Copy and paste" from Word to Wordpress without losing format

More than 4,000 active installations, more than 18,000 downloads. If you create beautiful word documents, just publish them with our easy to use plugin

What you can do with our plugin for Wordpress?

  • Create sortable tables
  • Copy Math formulas
  • Add images and videos from your word document
  • Charts and graphs
  • And everything else you can do in a Word Document.

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Our Docxpresso Wordpress Plugin is totally free with no hidden charges and it is licensed under the GPL v2 (Open Source). You may directly download it from Wordpress.

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If you try to copy content from a Word document in order to paste it into a Wordpress page, half (if not more) of your design will be lost. Images will not be copied, charts will simply disappear and tables probably will loose much of their format. Such is life. There is no much to do about the fact that Word documents have their own proprietary structure and it is not easy to keep format when trying to paste your hardly worked document into your Wordpress website.

The Docxpresso Wordpress plugin circumvents all these issues by "translating" precisely all your Word document content, structure and format into native web formats and with the bonus that your document charts, if any, will gain some nice browser interactivity.

With the help of the Docxpresso plugin you will be able to publish in the internet all your documents without compromising content, format or design in a completely straightforward way with no need to have any HTML knowledge or the need to use cumbersome online editors.

You just need to save your documents in .odt format (available in MS Word as well as Libre Office and Open Office suites) and click a single button in you Wordpress interface: Docxpresso will take care of the rest!!

Quick User Guide
  • Generate a document with the content that you want to insert in your Post or Page using your favourite Office Suite (MS Word, Libre Office or Open Office).
  • Save your document in .odt format (available in MS Word since Word 2007 SP2).
  • Create a new Post or Page or edit an existing one.
  • Click on the Docxpresso button located over the rich text editor.
  • The media window will open and will let you upload the required .odt file or used a previously uploaded .odt file.
  • After choosing a file click on the Insert button.
  • A shotcode will be included with all the required data.
  • You may then add or not any additional content to your post but do not modify the contents of the Docxpresso shortcode.
  • Whenever you publish the Post or Page the plugin will render the contents of your document :-)

Yo can access the complete documentation in the official plugin Wordpress site